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More Agrifood Investments Needed, says Asia Food Challenge Report by Temasek, Rabobank, PwC

100 million: Total Chinese population affected by diabetes

26%: China’s share of total global protein requirement

30-50%: Post-harvest rot and fruit and vegetable waste in China


China may be home to some of the most funded e-commerce and food delivery platforms. Yet only US $2.5 per capita is spent in agri-food investment in China, far behind Israel’s $19.8 and US’s $24.1. To address systematic challenges in the food supply chain, much more investment and collaboration are needed to spur meaningful progress. 


Co-authored by Temasek, Rabobank, and PwC, the Asia Food Challenge report lays bare the sector-wide opportunity in China and the rest of Asia. 


Download the full report in link:


“In China, more than 80% of food innovation start-up investments today are downstream, including meal delivery and e-commerce. To transform the food system and address its key challenges like protein security, nutrition and waste, we need to invest in upstream and midstream technologies that can adapt to the needs of the Chinese supply chain.”

– Matilda Ho, Founder and Managing Director, Bits x Bites