There are immense opportunities to transform our food system.

We empower early-stage startups to shape the future of good food.

We invest in people.

The entrepreneurs who combine purpose and profit to build startups that enable sustainable food systems.

We invest in technology.

The advancement and implementation of technology that transforms industries and shapes human behaviors.





There are immense opportunities to transform our food system.

The future of good food is a sustainable food system that simultaneously solves food access, food safety, food nutrition, and food mindfulness.


Software Hardware


Are you the right startup?

We seek software, hardware, biotech, and CPG brand startups across the supply chain: agriculture, production, distribution & retail, learning & sharing.

We back entrepreneurs tackling critical challenges across the supply chain.


Genetics & Breeding
Precision Agriculture
Urban Farming
Farm Inputs
Soil Health
Water & Irrigation
Farm Management Software
Safety & Traceability


Cellular Agriculture
Novel Ingredients
Smart Manufacturing
Shelf Life Extension
Smart & Eco Packaging
Water & Waste Upcycling
Cold Chain Logistics
Safety & Traceability


Consumer Packaged Goods
Nutraceutricals & Functional Foods
Personalized Nutrition
Smart Kitchen
Smart Retail
E-commerce & Delivery
Food Service Optimization
Safety & Traceability

If you are a food tech company ready to make a sustainable positive impact in China, we may just be able to help make it a reality.